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  • bug 854322 Use of uninitialized value in Bugzilla/Extension/Push/ line 131
  • bug 854386 needinfo doesn't work if user confirmation is required
  • bug 848583 Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /data/www/ line 408.
  • bug 854412 search plugin does not use bmo favicon but the generic dino head
  • bug 838846 In Product.get, include_fields => ['components'] no longer returns data about components
  • bug 854770 "Wide character in subroutine entry" error in TCL connector
  • bug 854901 backport bug 850986 to bmo: don't allow setting a flag's requestee to a disabled account
  • bug 852795 Request emails should include X-Bugzilla-Product, etc headers (fully backport upstream bug 573919)
  • bug 855128 defer loading of persona
  • bug 855144 "Android Background Services" product
  • bug 855414 Editing of FlagTypeComment values for each status is broken due to the 4.2 upgrade
  • bug 841419 Project Kickoff Form: Wording Changes
  • bug 855073 Add information to needinfo email


  • bug 853328 product/component searching should also search the product's description.
  • bug 853451 "not implemented" error when updating a bug with the "locale" multi-select field visible
  • bug 853432 "Flags requested of you" doesn't show flags that are requested on Resolved bugs
  • bug 849905 bug filing links in my dashboard should be able to be opened in new tabs/windows
  • bug 853913 Some MyDashboard "updated" friendly dates are inappropriate and/or broken w.r.t. timezones
  • bug 849120 change "send error to error reporter" from forking to running a process


  • bug 851818 Modernize the entry page for filing a bug by including, keeping, and removing products shown on the enter bug page
  • bug 853034 unable to set tracking fields when editing multiple bugs
  • bug 853314 unable to edit bugzilla push options - insecure dependency
  • bug 833204 add support for sending attachments via push


  • bug 850126 token id defined twice on logged out pages
  • bug 849721 high memory consumption on scl3 bmo webheads
  • bug 848457 TypeSniffer is chopping the first 32 bytes from attachments
  • bug 847448 Add url field (bug_file_loc) to form.doc
  • bug 850675 editing the splinter url always appends a /, which results in a broken url
  • bug 852022 persona throwing the error: you cannot combine the API with or
  • bug 852026 persona should have a timeout on the connection to the verification server
  • bug 851480 Swag bugs do not have an XML attachment anymore


  • bug 848714 Tab links contain &
  • bug 848927 ProductDashboard page for a product only shows unresolved bugs in Priority section, but the "link" to that list shows all bugs
  • bug 841202 Refactor code in current MozProjectReview extension to be less complex and more maintainable
  • bug 848250 bug summary tooltip now includes "---" for unresolved bugs
  • bug 848232 dashboard should not say "0 bugs found" if query hasn't completed yet
  • bug 849535 Some of the field documentation has disappeared
  • bug 849721 high memory consumption on scl3 bmo webheads
  • bug 849024 Adding a comment to a bug causes an internal error
  • bug 839357 bugmail syslog logging is throwing "Wide character in syswrite"
  • bug 837878 Display product and component info in show_bug.cgi
  • bug 850146 describecomponents.cgi does not use fragment identifier, only colors the entry with green
  • bug 850543 remove the link to input.m.o/ideas from the guided form (link to input.m.o/sad instead)
  • bug 850429 Searching on Due Date Is Empty does not work anymore
  • bug 850309 Cannot submit patches by pasting text
  • bug 850546 URL manipulation/spoofing attacks or spoofing issue in 404 page.
  • bug 850126 token id defined twice on logged out pages


  • bug 764897 Upgrade BMO to 4.2
  • bug 848335 outputs "$VAR1 = [];", triggering a cron email every 15 minutes
  • bug 848306 lack of space in bugInfo block on splinter review page
  • bug 848290 'restrict comments' checkbox isn't aligned with the 'need info' checkbox
  • bug 848221 In My Dashboard in Flags You Have Requested - bugzilla accounts without a name specified are not shown in the requestee field
  • bug 848271 'Assigned to You' section says 'in the future' for bug last updated time
  • bug 825666 Update gear request bug form
  • bug 848626 Versions listed on bug creation are in random order