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  • bug 860723 Custom fields are shown twice in report axis selectors
  • bug 861528 $user->can_enter_product() now returns the product object instead of 1
  • bug 782210 If a custom field depends on a product, component or classification, the "mandatory" bit is ignored on bug creation
  • bug 858911 Oracle fails with "ORA-04043: object T_GROUP_CONCAT does not exist" when installing Bugzilla for the first time
  • bug 855549 Project Kickoff Form: Dependent bugs weren't created from form
  • bug 859315 lots of "Lock wait timeout exceeded" errors when updating cf_crash_signature
  • bug 750170 switch from arecibo to sentry for error reporting
  • bug 841633 Project Kickoff Form: CC sub-bug owners into main project tracker bug
  • bug 841440 Project Kickoff Form: Remove Several Questions
  • bug 864499 adding "due date" to the Marketing Product.
  • bug 864200 use text/plain mime type for attachments with a .lang extension
  • bug 828344 "contains all of the words" no longer looks for all words within the same comment or flag
  • bug 864304 Requesting needinfo from more than one person is annoying
  • bug 715148 Increase the attachment size limit to 10meg
  • bug 859534 "Find product" field at BMO/describecomponents.cgi?full=1 can't find " :: User Interface"
  • bug 853483 Triage report times out on Firefox (Any) query


  • bug 860657 'Illegal division by zero' on product dashboard when the product has zero bugs
  • bug 860797 add product dashboards to robots.txt
  • bug 848240 Mozilla theme doesn't show visited link coloring.
  • bug 861392 Be more descriptive about "Ignore Bug Email"
  • bug 861414 In form.mdn, add link to "Switch to the advanced bug entry form"
  • bug 836006 Need Bug Template for Partners Bug Submissions


  • bug 855846 should disable email for all users as well as filter the email address
  • bug 852750 Flags requested of me, shows only requested flags in non-restricted bugs
  • bug 856869 New Product: Firefox Health Report
  • bug 853892 "Internet Public Policy" new bug form
  • bug 793958 Need a Bugzilla Swag Request Form Deleted
  • bug 855549 Project Kickoff Form: Dependent bugs weren't created from form
  • bug 859598 Autocomplete suggests inactive/disabled accounts as matches
  • bug 859313 lots of "Lock wait timeout exceeded" errors when updating TagNewUser's comment_count
  • bug 859480 Ability to ignore specific bugs (not get email from them, even as the reporter)
  • bug 852279 Bug pages no longer added to bfcache due to unload listener on Window
  • bug 859406 doesn't copy the isactive field
  • bug 859206 bugzilla etiquette should direct people to ask #bmo to take action
  • bug 850723 saved searches on my dashboard disappear from time to time
  • bug 855258 The dependency graph always uses urlbase, even when sslbase is in use
  • bug 857562 ajax_user_autocompletion param ignored on Search by People fields
  • bug 355620 Lines enclosed in <simplelist> do not wrap in the PDF version of the Bugzilla Guide


  • bug 850639 the dependency graph should have an upper limit on the number of nodes it attempts to graph
  • bug 856110 Add a review link to the dashboard for review attachment flags
  • bug 856706 Please update metrics permissions / BMO grant script
  • bug 855656 Hide/disable the tracking-thunderbird-esr10 flags
  • bug 855626 release tracking flag refresh (23)
  • bug 856936 Update Mozilla Project Review form to use the sec-review? flag instead of the sec-review-needed keyword
  • bug 853886 New "Internet Public Policy" product and components
  • bug 856869 New Product: Firefox Health Report
  • bug 724048 Instant search doesn't work in Fennec Native product
  • bug 852560 Bugzilla cannot be installed with MySQL 5.6, because the have_innodb variable no longer exists ("InnoDB is disabled in your MySQL installation")
  • bug 854074 Remove all references to the PPM repository as it is no longer available