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  • bug 884817 move loading of comments into Bugzilla::Bug::preload()
  • bug 884345 Searching on Due Date Is Empty does not work anymore
  • bug 886210 release tracking flag refresh (25)
  • bug 885321 fix the tabs on the mozilla skin
  • bug 877083 "Ignore Bug Mail" shouldn't lead to request email being dropped
  • bug 887114 Update Bugzilla/ to use SQL_CACHE for bz_schema table access
  • bug 887090 Change to the IT Request Bugzilla form
  • bug 887180 show_bug and process_bug timings generating duplicates under mod_perl
  • bug 882568 Remove unnecessary text about a bug not being part of last search


  • bug 883330 Clone of a secure bug defaults to IN-secure (not hidden)
  • bug 883013 googlebot is indexing more pages than it should
  • bug 864504 Brand Engagement project initiation form that spits out a bug by default
  • bug 884177 add simple instrumentation to process_bug.cgi


  • bug 875744 Bug history messed up when two comments are made private
  • bug 881400 form.reps.mentorship is broken when using the mozilla skin
  • bug 881603 fix the mozilla skin's footer
  • bug 881348 Do not display the Excluded list when sending bugmails
  • bug 860810 Add a default search to new users' saved searches that appear in the footer
  • bug 882059 [sentry] fix "use of uninitialized value" warnings, and ignore some errors/warnings
  • bug 849090 Mozilla theme doesn't show UI to add a tag to a bug


  • bug 880315 malformed sql generated as a result of bug 879055
  • bug 858486 Make SecureMail not die if insidergroup is undefined
  • bug 694713 Clarify the field descriptions on the guided bug entry form
  • bug 880968 OpenGraph extension is double-encoding titles (– visible when sharing a link on facebook)


  • bug 878785 when setting request flags from a splinter review, the fields do not auto-complete the requestee addresses
  • bug 879055 anywordssubstr search returns incorrect results
  • bug 878893 Please add all blocking-b2g flags to Tech Evangilism
  • bug 879713 product dashboard links does not urlencode ampersands
  • bug 878361 new product and new components for IT/Operations - "Infrastructure & Operations"