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  • bug 906576 the font size in splinter is too small
  • bug 907285 Background repeats in new sandstone theme
  • bug 900930 Splinter shouldn't choke on patches which have had trailing whitespace removed
  • bug 907567 "My Dashboard" is mostly empty when starting up in app tab
  • bug 907245 Allow for URL params to also be passed with POST/PUT REST API requests
  • bug 907976 Comment header should have default line-height, vertical-align set
  • bug 908197 do not tag stylesheets as "alternative"
  • bug 903387 profiles table needs a "last seen" column
  • bug 908694 Create Tracking :: Firefox Sync and add "Milestone" values


  • bug 906571 gravatars should use the lowercase form of the email
  • bug 906574 user context menu throws javascript error on second invocation
  • bug 906657 updating a component throws "Duplicate entry for key component_reviewers_idx" error when one of the reviewers is 'away'
  • bug 906667 unable to create accounts - "You must enter your email address"
  • bug 906707 add the ability for someone to opt out of loading their gravatar, for privacy reasons
  • bug 906597 loading a bug with an inactive-but-set tracking flag throws: Can't call method "sortkey" on an undefined value
  • bug 906576 the font size in splinter is too small with the Mozilla skin


  • bug 905649 "Suggested Reviers" on the reports page should read "Suggested Reviewers"
  • bug 837922 Clarify "in progress" and "new" labels on user dashboard
  • bug 889907 Issues with IE 9 and 10
  • bug 848455 Comment anchor links do not scroll to the correct part of the page in the Mozilla theme
  • bug 905904 List "away" reviewers in reviewer report
  • bug 905925 add attachment.ispatch index
  • bug 905948 under mod_perl, HTTP/200 is returned when etags match If-None-Match
  • bug 900698 Change wording of Dogfooding form
  • bug 873218 Change default skin from "Dusk" to "Mozilla"


  • bug 899091 SENTRY ERROR: Can't locate object method "cf_partner_koi_tcl" via package "Bugzilla::Bug" at /loader/0x7f88f01cfd60/Bugzilla/Extension/Push/ line 217.
  • bug 903955 add gravatar support
  • bug 905154 add "away" to the list of words hide review suggestions
  • bug 904801 update custom group coloring to include new -core-security groups
  • bug 680131 MPL 2 upgrade: Bugzilla
  • bug 834290 Add support for iPads and iPhones in useragent strings
  • bug 904713 Mobile Web Compatibility Custom Bugzilla form


  • bug 896320 increase the visibility of review suggestions (report, webservice)
  • bug 901043 add release tracking flags to Snippets product
  • bug 896605 Updates to Gear Request Form
  • bug 900652 Put needinfo into the UI for new Bugzilla users
  • bug 898244 Move RelEng components to new top level product... and rename
  • bug 902623 show the count of pending reviews next to suggested reviewers
  • bug 902681 Add the "Ignore all bugmail for this bug" field to the bug creation form as a hidden field
  • bug 902960 add the ability to show a normal buglist from the dashboard tables
  • bug 569177 Add support for eTag for WebServices
  • bug 902590 Improve CSS on show_bug for the Sandstone skin
  • bug 902931 Mozilla theme should have white background in diff view
  • bug 897029 Preload bug permissions when calling Bug.get to improve performance
  • bug 902212 tidy up active_custom usage in TrackingFlags
  • bug 894878 CSV output template for request queues has gone away
  • bug 880653 Add POD for Bug.possible_duplicates webservice
  • bug 901620 Grammar error in the documentation
  • bug 897264 letters_numbers_specialchars password restriction is incorrect
  • bug 904249 Update graphic banner for form


  • bug 898259 Cache filter_wants
  • bug 897473 exclude users from the review suggestions list who have "unavailable" or "PTO" in their real name
  • bug 886229 Style text, select and multi-select boxes, and submit Search buttons
  • bug 899076 Can't call method "product" on an undefined value at /data/www/ line 71.
  • bug 899103 Add AddOutputFilterByType to .htaccess to enable gzip encoding for application/json and application/javascript type responses
  • bug 899323 Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at /data/www/ line 154.
  • bug 891457 FirefoxOS Dogfooding form
  • bug 899627 Set X-Bugzilla-Type to dep_changed for 'dependency changed" bugmail
  • bug 896330 patchreader should not set the "expires" header
  • bug 899974 Patch checkbox gets unchecked when picking a patch
  • bug 781672 fails to check the version of the latest Apache2::SizeLimit release