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  • bug 932823 Add BMO hook to choose Infrastructure & Operations as product when itrequest form is loaded
  • bug 920026 show reminder of pending review, feedback, and needinfo requests in the header
  • bug 932511 Adjust the security group background colouring on bugs to look better with the Mozilla skin
  • bug 886497 update the nagios check to allow severity selection


  • bug 900699 Change dogfoodtriage component to betatriage
  • bug 927497 "Add me to CC list" feature of bug creation screen gives token error
  • bug 931232 form:itrequest has wrong product/component for 'Any other issue' option
  • bug 892615 Add a 24 hour nag to all requests (review, feedback and need-info) and make them follow-able
  • bug 927778 users without canconfirm cannot set needinfo, and can clear needinfo requests which aren't targeted at them


  • bug 910565 shift bugmail generation to the jobqueue (improves bug update times)
  • bug 921523 invalid or expired authentication tokens and cookies should throw errors, not be silently ignored
  • bug 928410 Bug.get should return detail about cc list members similar to assigned_to, creator and qa_contact
  • bug 931192 Add support for product aliases to search


  • bug 925780 Bug.get should include the name for reporter, assigned_to and qa_contact
  • bug 924572 Webservice Product.get should include flag_types information
  • bug 924572 In Product.get, include_fields => ['components'] no longer returns data about components
  • bug 928092 OS Autodetection when filing a bug from Windows 8.1 falls back to Windows NT
  • bug 922684 Add ability to perform quicksearch using
  • bug 913075 Change the Bugzilla Product Name of BootToGecko to Firefox OS
  • bug 928387 InlineHistory "marked as a duplicate" detection too eager
  • bug 895687 The product tracking team would like a way to have a clear definition of a user story in a bug
  • bug 924144 Add account creation date to user profile
  • bug 930117 IT request page is broken
  • bug 930366 detection of github PRs not working with trailing '/' in urls
  • bug 930013 fall back to the bug's current delta_ts when validating a token if one is not provided to process_bug.cgi


  • bug 880829 Migrate current custom field based tracking flags to the new Tracking Flags extension tables
  • bug 926142 Can't call method "is_active" on unblessed reference when loading certain bugs that have flags set but are no longer visible
  • bug 926272 searching for an unset tracking flag fails since BMO upgrade on 2013-10-12
  • bug 926118 tracking flags are being cleared when making a change to a bug using the webservice api after tracking flag migration
  • bug 926557 searching for tracking flags is broken for negated terms where values are unset, breaking the leo+ b2g triage query
  • bug 926764 Use of uninitialized value in string eq at extensions/TrackingFlags/ line 412
  • bug 926842 unable to change status and tracking flag values once they are set
  • bug 927026 searching for an unset tracking flag is failing again
  • bug 926641 Release tracking report broken since 12-Oct BMO maintenance
  • bug 926109 Error when searching for many columns at once (MariaDB can only use 61 tables in a join)
  • bug 927741 whines are throwing sql errors on stage (Unknown column 'map_product.classification_id')
  • bug 921082 Ember.create API sometimes doesn't return field values
  • bug 915685 Create Bug.update_attachment to update attachments via RPC/REST
  • bug 921133 Bugzilla has started to show some CC changes by default
  • bug 917669 invalid or expired authentication tokens and cookies should throw errors, not be silently ignored
  • bug 864625 Setting a non-privileged user as a requestee on a secure bug while ccing the same user to give access at the same time fails
  • bug 922246 Bugzilla times out when a user has several thousands of votes
  • bug 922304 Speed up LogActivityEntry()
  • bug 922310 Text in the "My Requests" page is misleading about how the AND/OR radio button works
  • bug 922628 Bugzilla web bounty form sets the wrong flag
  • bug 922705 firefox os beta program form shows an error message after the bug is created (The requested format fxos-betaprogram does not exist with a content type of html).
  • bug 921860 Use 64px gravatar for retina display support
  • bug 919475 [Oracle] Crash when non-mandatory free text custom fields are left empty on bug creation
  • bug 914262 KHTML-based browsers such as Konqueror do not support the Server-Push technology
  • bug 926241 Multiple lock wait timeout exceeded errors on the bugs_activity table
  • bug 917370 large dependency trees are very slow to load
  • bug 916906 attaching a file which just contains a github url should automatically redirect to it when viewing
  • bug 927039 Typo in mozilla skin's global.css
  • bug 927570 mid-air conflict fails to check all changed fields
  • bug 927741 whines are throwing sql errors on stage (Unknown column 'map_product.classification_id')
  • bug 927736 "invalid token" error if someone else changes the CC list while viewing a bug
  • bug 907438 In MySQL, login cookie checking is not case-sensitive, reducing total entropy and allowing easier brute force
  • bug 906745 In MySQL, tokens are not case-sensitive, reducing total entropy and allowing easier brute force
  • bug 913904 [SECURITY] CSRF when updating attachments
  • bug 924802 [SECURITY] (XSS) "id" and "sortkey" are not sanitized when editing flag types if categoryAction-foo is set
  • bug 924932 [SECURITY] Field values are (still) not escaped correctly in tabular reports
  • bug 912661 [SECURITY] CSRF in process_bug.cgi