BMO/Recent Changes/2013-11

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  • bug 938763 no longer works since the bug_check_can_change_field hook added to TrackingFlags ext
  • bug 939093 Unclosed <a> or misplaced code in "QA Contact: (edit) (take)"
  • bug 932034 API doesn't return can_edit property for dupe_of, blocks, and depends on fields
  • bug 939289 API isn't returning field or attachment changes properly when last_updated field is provided
  • bug 939717 do not normalise email addresses for gravatar
  • bug 937180 creation_ts of bugs and attachments always at 0 seconds in API calls
  • bug 936241 Bug.create doesn't allow tracking flags to be set, but Bug.update does
  • bug 939844 seconds are no longer shown on a comment's time
  • bug 935570 create an anti-spam extension
  • bug 929345 bug history/activity shouldn't collapse multi-line values to a single line


  • bug 936049 MyDashboard display of last change for a bug no longer working due to API change for Bug.history
  • bug 937163 remove mcoates from the auto-CC list on employee-incident bugs
  • bug 921219 Include status and summary for bugs listed in `depends_on` and `blocks` fields
  • bug 932346 Simple bug-change push extension
  • bug 843298 Project Kickoff Form: require explicit public/private choice
  • bug 931171 Add a script for bulk updating of tracking flags
  • bug 919199 API returns unchanged fields when called with last_updated param
  • bug 935871 Don't show email address without logged in on the User Profile


  • bug 887117 Move the compiled template cache dir to a directory in the document root to avoid storing on NFS
  • bug 911812 make the user profile page more discoverable
  • bug 933307 request nagging isn't sending emails to requestees
  • bug 933119 names are no longer links in html bugmail
  • bug 921219 Include status and summary for bugs listed in `depends_on` and `blocks` fields
  • bug 917318 for auditing purposes, log the client's ip address when an account is created and when a bug is filed
  • bug 891710 Flag names are not hyperlinks if multiple flags were set at the same time.
  • bug 934543 persistent xss on page