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  • bug 897810 Please add flag machine-state to the Release Engineering: Buildduty component
  • bug 908427 Once tracking flags are migrated, remove any unnecessary code in Bugzilla::Extension::BMO::Data used in the old tracking flags
  • bug 951020 Nagios bug queue checks should also support paging for a specific component
  • bug 815026 Bugzilla::Object cache should be cleared when an object is updated or removed from the database
  • bug 928989 add a new method to ember which just returns current values
  • bug 951442 Stop including attachments and comments in API response
  • bug 950743 Navigating to Component Watching responds with a 500 on retrieving userprefs.cgi
  • bug 951016 X-Bugzilla-Mentors missing from email


  • bug 947675 Bug id are sorted in wrong order on the dashboard
  • bug 885148 Commenting via patch details does not clear needinfo flag
  • bug 946353 Attachments should include can_edit field
  • bug 948991 Congratulations on having your first patch approved mail should mention which patch it refers to
  • bug 948961 Add "My Activity" link to account drop down in Mozilla skin
  • bug 928293 Add number of current reviews in queue on user profile
  • bug 949291 add link to a wiki page describing comment tagging
  • bug 946457 Add Ember.attachments API that includes possible flag values
  • bug 947012 The BIDW teams needs a new "product" on BMO


  • bug 941104 Default secure group for Mozilla Communities should not be "core-security"
  • bug 843457 PROJECT environment variable is not honored when mod_perl is enabled
  • bug 938161 sql_date_format() method for SQLite has an incorrect default format
  • bug 928057 When custom fields are added, a DBA bug should be created to update metrics permissions
  • bug 945501 create "Firefox :: Developer Tools: User Stories" component and enable the User Story extension on this component
  • bug 853509 Bugzilla version not displayed on the index page
  • bug 929321 create a script to delete all bugs from the database, and generate two dumps (with and without bugs)
  • bug 781672 fails to check the version of the latest Apache2::SizeLimit release (it throws "Invalid version format (non-numeric data)")
  • bug 938300 vers_cmp() incorrectly compares module versions
  • bug 922226 redirect when attachments contain reviewboard URLs
  • bug 943636 SQL error in quicksearch API when providing just a bug ID
  • bug 945799 I cannot change a review from me to someone else
  • bug 937020 consider hosting mozilla skin fonts on bmo
  • bug 942029 review suggestions only shows the first mentor
  • bug 869989 Add X-Bugzilla-Mentors field to bugmail headers and an indication to mentors in bugmail body
  • bug 942725 add the ability to tag comments with arbitrary tags
  • bug 905384 Project Kickoff Form: Change Drop Down Options for When do the items need to be ordered by? and Currency Request for Total Cost in Finance Questions