BMO/Recent Changes/2014-01

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  • bug 964299 bzr checkin regexp is a little too tight
  • bug 76498 QuickSearch: support comparison operators other than substring
  • bug 893641 change the maxlength of the component field in search results
  • bug 964856 Add a crash-signature field to Android Background Services
  • bug 957340 Make updates to the Gear Request Bug Form
  • bug 105865 bugzilla should pay attention to linebreaks when making bugnumbers to links


  • bug 942599 Documentation about possible_duplicates() lists 'products' as argument instead of 'product'
  • bug 748095 Bugzilla crashes when the shutdownhtml parameter is set and using a non-cookie based authentication method
  • bug 918384 backport upstream bug 756048 to bmo/4.2 to allow setting bug/attachment flags using the webservices
  • bug 956135 backport upstream bug 952284 to bmo/4.2 to hide tags set to private comments in the bug activity table
  • bug 956052 backport upstream bug 945535 to bmo/4.2 for performance improvement in bugs with large number of attachments