BMO/Recent Changes/2014-02

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  • bug 975204 Comment Preview tabs broken in New bug page
  • bug 976765 add hooks to Bugzilla/WebService/Server/
  • bug 976796 Spelling mistakes in Bugzilla/WebService/
  • bug 977238 Compress CSS files


  • bug 974946 [edit] action is showing up multiple times on the first comment
  • bug 975546 Missing description in the "Bug Fields" page for "Importance"
  • bug 975943 add special support for a "deleted" comment tag


  • bug 972349 comment preview is in an incorrect location when creating a bug using the advanced bug entry form, sandstone skin, and a wide window.
  • bug 972982 Enable "user-story" editing for Talkilla product
  • bug 966676 The 'sudo' cookie should not be accessible from JavaScript
  • bug 973582 Don't link "UUID <id>" to crash-stats
  • bug 785565 Search by change history between two dates doesn't give expected result
  • bug 973766 user profile should count reviewboard url attachments as patches
  • bug 963195 Need field added on gear/budget request form to designate if this is a Firefox Student Ambassador event
  • bug 971004 Bugzilla form for Community IT Requests
  • bug 941671 Rename "mozilla-corporation-confidential" to "mozilla-employee-confidential" and update membership accordingly
  • bug 974393 comment tag link is collapsing all comments including those with the tag


  • bug 917878 "patches submitted" and "patches reviewed" on the user profile don't take github pull requests into consideration
  • bug 926085 Forbid single quotes to delimit URLs (no <a href='...'>)
  • bug 961789 large dependency trees with lots of resolved bugs are very slow to load
  • bug 970184 "possible duplicates" shouldn't truncate words at the first non-word character
  • bug 967910 "IO request failed : undefined" on My Dashboard
  • bug 971872 Default secure group for "Audio/Visual Infrastructure" should not be "core-security"
  • bug 40896 Bugzilla needs a "preview" mode for comments


  • bug 966042 Use of uninitialized value in string eq at Bugzilla/Extension/BMO/lib/Reports/ line 42
  • bug 587701 Make it possible to hide "TinderboxPushlog Robot" spam
  • bug 961943 Nagios bug queue check support for paging regardless of severity
  • bug 968482 Bugzilla native REST API should default to application/json if no Accept header was set
  • bug 967607 User.get shouldn't load data that requires extra database queries unless required