BMO/Recent Changes/2014-04

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  • bug 1001645 form.creative shows ARRAY(0x7f44111da448) in the description for points of contact if more than one entered
  • bug 1001718 New Updates to Gear Request Form
  • bug 1002315 set a sane timeout in
  • bug 999668 We don't linkify the alternative ssh remote syntax
  • bug 1002375 show if an account is disabled on the user profile
  • bug 1000913 Improve include_fields and exclude_fields to accept _default, _all and _custom keywords
  • bug 963793 fix to have user story field available on bug creation


  • bug 994570 unable to create an attachment with review+ : "You must provide a reviewer for review requests"
  • bug 994540 "details" link in overdue requests email links to attachment content instead of details page
  • bug 993940 Group icons should be displayed for indirect memberships, too
  • bug 993913 remove the %user_cache from inline history, and ensure the object cache is always used
  • bug 998236 Privacy policy url has changed
  • bug 968576 Dangerous control characters allowed in Bugzilla text
  • bug 997281 New QuickSearch operators can short-circuit each other depending on which ones are tested first
  • bug 993894 the database query in bless_groups is slow
  • bug 936509 Automatically disable accounts based on the number of comments tagged as spam
  • bug 998017 Internal error: "Not an ARRAY reference" when using the summarize time feature
  • bug 999734 User email addresses are publicly visible in profile titles
  • bug 993910 Bugzilla/Search/ isn't using the cache
  • bug 998323 URLs pasted in comments are no longer displayed


  • bug 924265 add an alert date field/mechanism to the "Infrastructure & Operations" product
  • bug 987765 Updates to Developer Documentation product's "form.doc" form and configuration
  • bug 891757 "Additional hours worked" displayed inline with comments is now superfluous
  • bug 986590 Confusing error message when not finding reviewer
  • bug 987940 arbitrary product name (text) injection in guided workflow
  • bug 988175 Needinfo dropdown should include "myself"
  • bug 961843 Reset password token leakage
  • bug 984505 Link component and product to browse for other bugs in this category
  • bug 987521 flag activity api needs to prohibit requests which return the entire table
  • bug 990982 Use <optgroup/> to group products into classifications in the product drop-down on show_bug.cgi
  • bug 991477 changing a tracking flag's value doesn't result in the value being updated on bugs
  • bug 988414 The drop down menu icon next to the user name is not visible in Chrome on Mac OSX
  • bug 994467 remove "anyone" from the needinfo menu