BMO/Recent Changes/2014-05

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  • bug 1013953 Update the researchers.html.tmpl page to link to mhoye automated sanitized database dumps
  • bug 993223 Notify Review Board when a bug is made confidential
  • bug 1003950 automatically disable accounts based on the number of comments tagged as "abusive"
  • bug 1014374 backport bug 977969 to bmo (concatenate and slightly minify css files)
  • bug 1013760 Add "secure mail" metadata to email headers
  • bug 1009216 Add link to a wiki page describing common whiteboard tags
  • bug 1015290 Fix typo on Reps Mentorship Form
  • bug 1003386 Create new "Mozilla Foundation Operations" product
  • bug 1013788 it's possible to get bugzilla to redirect to any url by setting the content-type of an attachment after uploading it


  • bug 1010751 Add "Bugzilla@Mozilla" to the From header, so email clients don't just display ""
  • bug 1009215 add support for links to see_also
  • bug 504461 Allow everyone to make bugs security-sensitive retroactively
  • bug 1009017 users are unable to log in if their password needs to be re-encrypted and their password does not match the current complexity rule


  • bug 787101 Make the Mozillian field mandatory on the Reps application form
  • bug 1006972 remove google analytics from
  • bug 1007493 Allow non login git commits to be linked
  • bug 992767 allow memcached to cache bugzilla configuration information
  • bug 1005158 Request for new Bugzilla Product 'Mozilla Foundation' with a 'Metrics' component
  • bug 1003852 Digest::SHA 5.82 and newer always croak on wide characters, preventing users with Unicode passwords from logging in
  • bug 995000 Please create an Automation Request Form in Bugzilla


  • bug 1004229 "TypeError: lastCommentDiv.parentNode is null" from inline history when the last comment is a 'duplicate' comment
  • bug 999331 searching attachment data is very slow due to an unbounded select
  • bug 1005959 remove old timing code from show_bug
  • bug 1006290 reviewboard url detection should support http:// as well as https://