BMO/Recent Changes/2014-06

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  • bug 1029991 "bug_comments" hook should run after comment tags are pre-loaded
  • bug 1023865 New product (Tree Management) & components for Treeherder
  • bug 669535 User pref for "Possible Duplicates"
  • bug 1030617 editing a product's groups clears the suggested reviewer list
  • bug 1030747 Recent changes to secure bugmail subject lines break GMail threading
  • bug 1028027 cloning a bug pre-fills mentors with "---" instead of an empty value
  • bug 1031428 Move the "Mentors" field under "QA Contact" field


  • bug 1021218 fails if both users have bug_user_last_visit entries for the same bug
  • bug 1017648 migrate mentors from the whiteboard to the mentor field
  • bug 1026421 "No QA contact" represented by "" instead of null
  • bug 1026415 Some empty fields are present as "" rather than being absent
  • bug 1026862 updating a bug via an api or bulk bug update clears the mentor field
  • bug 1026400 id,, attachment.bug_id are returned as strings, not integers


  • bug 849102 mydashboard should lazy-load the 'last change' information
  • bug 962424 jobqueue's worker process should process messages in batches
  • bug 978146 activity entry when setting flags isn't split across multiple rows
  • bug 1015994 attachment.cgi titles should include bug and/or attachment text
  • bug 960830 Update Brand Engagement Initiation Form
  • bug 1023633 Add a webservice_before_call Hook
  • bug 1022923 Add index to bug_user_last_visit.last_visit_ts
  • bug 956892 collapsed comments should display tags to indicate the reason for auto-collapsing
  • bug 880669 Extend current BzAPI BMO extension to contain compatibility changes on top of native rest
  • bug 649691 Add a "mentor" and "mentored bug type" field to b.m.o


  • bug 1020425 Typo in "Updated since last visit" part of My Dashboard
  • bug 1018811 updated account name not reflected in "Reported" field of bugs
  • bug 1019747 New user story field in Tracking product is getting copied from Description, not User Story when cloning
  • bug 1020708 Copyright header missing from Bugzilla::BugUserLastVisit
  • bug 1016273 Bugzilla whine emails missing change to From header made by bug 1010751
  • bug 1020023 update a user's last-visited timestamp for a bug when they perform any actions on it
  • bug 720832 Add the ability to watch component starting with a string
  • bug 1022500 cloning a firefox tracking flags throws "The component named 'Template::Document=HASH(0x7f7ffacdb4c8)' does not exist. "


  • bug 1003970 Tagging comments not shown in user activity
  • bug 993939 Bugzilla::User::Setting::groups() should use memcached
  • bug 1000917 Record last-visited time of bugs when logged in
  • bug 1016273 Bugzilla whine emails missing change to From header made by bug 1010751