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  • bug 1058479 move the "mozilla employees" warning on bugzilla::admin next to the submit button
  • bug 1058481 git commits should link to commitdiff not commit
  • bug 1056087 contrib/ fails if there are no duplicate bug_user_last_visit rows
  • bug 1058679 new bug API returning a ref where bzexport expects bug data
  • bug 1057774 bzAPI landing page gives a 404
  • bug 1056904 Add "Mentored by me" to MyDashboard
  • bug 1059085 Unable to update a product's group controls: Can't use string ("table") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use
  • bug 1059088 Inline history can be shown out-of-order when two changes occur in the same second


  • bug 1051058 Auto-CC Erica Choe into Finance Review and Master Kick-Off Bugs
  • bug 1058274 The input field for suggested reviewers when editing a component needs 'multiple' to be true for allowing for more than one username
  • bug 1051655 mentor field updated/reset when a bug is updated as a result of a change on a different bug (eg. see also, duplicate)
  • bug 1058355 leaks emails to logged out users in "Latest Activity" search URLs


  • bug 1047405 Comment tagging GUI not fully localizable because of text in Javascript instead of template
  • bug 1048712 comment tagging suggestions always returns a single result
  • bug 1054832 past revisions of comments are not removed by the database sanisisation script
  • bug 1054795 remove 'Bugzilla Data For Researchers' link
  • bug 1050230 Use better icons for the guided bug entry product selection to differentiate Fx, Fx for Android and FxOS
  • bug 1022707 Duplicate review flags on attachments in Toolkit and Firefox for Metro
  • bug 1050628 flag state API doesn't honour bug or attachment security
  • bug 1055945 splinter generates "Use of uninitialized value" warnings when dealing with public reviews on private attachments


  • bug 1049929 Product Support / Corp Support to Business Support
  • bug 1033897 Firefox OS MCTS Waiver Request Submission Form
  • bug 1041964 Indicate that a comment is required when selecting a value which has an auto-comment configured
  • bug 498890 Bugzilla::User::Setting doesn't need to sort DB results
  • bug 993926 Bugzilla::User::Setting::get_all_settings() should use memcached
  • bug 1048053 convert bug 651803 dupes to INVALID bugs in "Invalid Bugs" product


  • bug 938272 Turn on Locale multi-select field in Mozilla Localizations :: Other
  • bug 1045806 Enable user story field on all Firefox developer tools components
  • bug 1046779 Components with no default QA still display a usermenu arrow on describecomponents.cgi
  • bug 1047328 Please remove "Firefox for Metro:" from the "" page
  • bug 1047142 The User Story field should be expanded/editable by default if it's non-empty when cloning a bug
  • bug 1047131 enable "user story" field on all products
  • bug 1049329 fix width of user_story field, and hide label for anon access when no story is set
  • bug 1049830 with count_only = 1 does not work for JSONRPC and REST but does work for XMLRPC