BMO/Recent Changes/2014-09

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  • bug 1067381 Sorting by ID broken when changing multiple bugs
  • bug 1065398 Error when using to create BMO database from scratch when Review extension enabled
  • bug 1064395 concatenate and slightly minify javascript files
  • bug 1068014 skip strptime() in datetime_from() if the date is in a standard format
  • bug 1054141 add the ability to filter on the user that made the change
  • bug 891199 clicking on needinfo flag/text should scroll you to the comment which set the flag
  • bug 1069504 Put My Dashboard in the drop down on the top-right
  • bug 1067410 Modification time wrong for deleted flags in review schema
  • bug 1067808 Review history page displays cancelled reviews as overdue
  • bug 1060728 Add perltidyrc that makes it easier to follow existing code standards to BMO repository
  • bug 1068328 needinfo flag shows up on attachment details page only when not doing "Edit as Comment"
  • bug 1037663 Make custom bug entry forms more discoverable
  • bug 1071926 Can't unmentor a bug


  • bug 1064878 Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /loader/0x7ffa9dedc498/Bugzilla/Extension/BugmailFilter/ line 172
  • bug 1020558 Add Involved with Bugs and Never Visited Query to MyDashboard
  • bug 1062944 Product::Component autocomplete when filing new bug shows disabled components.
  • bug 1046213 datetime_from() generates wrong dates if year < 1901
  • bug 1053513 remove last-visited entries when a user removes involvement from a bug
  • bug 1021902 UI to view a user's review history
  • bug 1064678 searching for tracking flag "is empty" is generating incorrect sql
  • bug 1064329 splinter displays patches that remove lines starting with hyphens incorrectly
  • bug 1065594 Enable 'due date' field in 'Community Building' product (all components)
  • bug 1052851 add the ability to search by "assignee last login date"
  • bug 1066777 The kick-off form isn't creating dependent bugs
  • bug 1039940 serialisation of objects for webservice responses is extremely slow
  • bug 1058615 New Custom Bugzilla Form Needed For PR Team


  • bug 913647 Deploy YUI 3.17.2 for BMO
  • bug 1054138 add the ability to filter on "fields containing the string"
  • bug 1062344 contrib/reorg-tools/sync* do not clear memcached
  • bug 1051058 Auto-CC Erica Choe into Finance Review and Master Kick-Off Bugs


  • bug 1059627 changes made at the same time as a comment are no longer grouped with the comment
  • bug 880097 Only retrieve database fetched values if requested
  • bug 1056162 add support to bmo
  • bug 1059307 Remove reporting of the firefox release channel from the guided bug entry (hasn't been accurate since firefox 25)