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  • bug 1083790 Default version does not take into account is_active
  • bug 1078314 Missing links and broken unicode characters in some bugmail
  • bug 1072662 bugzilla-rw-vip:Schwartz Queue is CRITICAL
  • bug 1086912 Backport bug Bug 1084490 to bmo (Fix BugUserLastVisit->get)
  • bug 1062940 Please increase bmo's alias length to match bugzilla 5.0 (40 chars instead of 20)
  • bug 1082113 The ComponentWatching extension should create a default watch user with a new database installation
  • bug 1082106 $dbh->bz_add_columns creates a foreign key constraint causing failure in when it tries to re-add it later
  • bug 1084052 Only show "Add bounty tracking attachment" links to people who actually might do that (not everyone in core-security)
  • bug 1075281 bugmail filtering using "field name contains" doesn't work correctly with flags
  • bug 1088711 New bugzilla users are unable to user bug templates
  • bug 1076746 Mentor field is missing in the email when a bug gets created
  • bug 1087525 Move Operations: Desktop Issues to Infrastructure and Operations::Servicedesk


  • bug 1079476 Backport upstream bug 1014345 and bug 658485 to bmo/4.2 to allow getting and updating groups
  • bug 1079463 Bugzilla::WebService::User missing update method
  • bug 1080600 CVE ID format change: CVE-\d{4}-\d{4} becomes CVE-\d{4}-\d{4,7} this year
  • bug 1080554 Create custom entry form for submissions to Mozilla Communities newsletter
  • bug 1074586 Add "Bugs of Interest" to the dashboard
  • bug 1062775 Create a form to create/update bounty tracking tracking attachments
  • bug 1074350 "new to bugzilla" indicator should be removed when a user is added to 'editbugs', not 'canconfirm'
  • bug 1082887 comments made when setting a flag from the attachment details page are not included in the "flag updated" email


  • bug 1075578 [SECURITY] Improper filtering of CGI arguments
  • bug 1074980 Forbid the { foo => $cgi->param() } syntax to prevent data override
  • bug 1064140 [SECURITY] Private comments can be shown to flagmail recipients who aren't in the insider group
  • bug 1054702 CSV export vulnerable to formulae injection


  • bug 1059318 The drop-down box for components doesn't scroll
  • bug 1072105 "TypeError: summary_container is null" when creating an attachment
  • bug 1072110 _concatenate_js assumes javascript_urls is an array
  • bug 1035972 add preference to include all X-Headers in email bodies to allow gmail to filter on them
  • bug 1073063 javascript error when viewing bug 1070107
  • bug 1072944 User activity should default to a range smaller than the last 8 weeks
  • bug 1056083 User activity page when filtered for a single day shows activity from next day
  • bug 1072981 User activity labels & params conflate "sort" and "group"
  • bug 1067810 Review history page displays the wrong duration
  • bug 1075196 Backport Bugzilla::Flag->update() modification_time fix from Bug 1070317
  • bug 1023405 Shortcut for marking bugs as read