BMO/Recent Changes/2016-02

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  • bug 1251047 /rest/bug/field takes 15-25 seconds to return
  • bug 1252219 Attachment bounty form is vulnerable to CSRF and persistent XSS
  • bug 1252216 Push extension configuration is vulnerable to CSRF
  • bug 1252210 AntiSpam configuration is vulnerable to CSRF and persistent XSS
  • bug 1252437 XSS vulnerability through malicious bug aliases


  • bug 1244718 API documentation is missing error codes
  • bug 1250911 document the count_only rest argument
  • bug 1249196 mass-resolve l10n fxos bugs
  • bug 1251221 Pass cache => 1 to calls to Bugzilla::Product->new() called in Bugzilla::{Milestone,Version,Component}
  • bug 1251442 Update VP list in Recruiting Product
  • bug 1223421 Hide/Obfuscate MozReview API Keys
  • bug 1251731 XSS vulnerability through malicious attachment names
  • bug 1251647 XSS vulnerability in the remo-form-payment page


  • bug 1245471 Release Tracking Report should be able to have custom dates
  • bug 1249614 Release Tracking Report missed bug


  • bug 1246413 Email::Address caches all email addresses
  • bug 1235182 User Story should always be visible
  • bug 1244602 rewrite the bmo --> reviewboard connector to create a bug instead of updating reviewboard


  • bug 1245003 increase the apache sizelimit used by the taskcluster image
  • bug 1246864 Unable to comment tickets with "WONTFIX" status without change the status on the experimental UI


  • bug 1243246 Attachment data submitted via REST API must always be base64 encoded
  • bug 1213424 The Bugzilla autocomplete dropdown should expand the width to show the full text of a match
  • bug 1241667 Trying to report a bug traps the user in an infinite loop
  • bug 1188236 "Congratulations on having your first patch approved" email should be clearer about how to get the patch landed.
  • bug 1243051 Create one off script to output cpanfile with all modules and their current versions to be used for version pinning
  • bug 1244604 configure nagios alerting for the bmo/reviewboard connector
  • bug 1244996 add a script to manage a user's settings