BMO/Recent Changes/2016-04

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  • bug 1195736 intermittent internal error: "file error - nav_link: not found" (also manifests as fields_lhs: not found)


  • bug 1264207 add support for the hellosplat tracker to 'see also'
  • bug 1265432 backport upstream bug 1263923 to bmo/4.2 - X-Bugzilla-Who header is not set for flag mails
  • bug 1266117 I have found a bug in the section 2.6.1 in the user guide(2.6) of BMO documentation. The bug identified is a grammatical error committed in one of the sentences.
  • bug 1239838 Don't see a way to redirect a needinfo request (in Experimental UI)
  • bug 1266167 clickjacking is possible on "view all" and "details" attachment pages


  • bug 1260458 search failing for users who are not members of the insider group (DBD::mysql::db selectcol_arrayref failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax)
  • bug 1263520 Cannot set r+ back to r? directly


  • bug 1260545 Legal compliance / adding terms link to new BMO account flow
  • bug 1197061 don't create a new session for every authenticated XMLRPC/JSONRPC call
  • bug 1257662 Disallow clearing a flag if the flag is set to allow granting by specifc group and changer is not in group
  • bug 1259322 Legal compliance / adding link to footer