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  • bug 1275595 document.execCommand('cut'/'copy') was denied because it was not called from inside a short running user-generated event handler.
  • bug 1286987 When the cisco-spark keyword is added to an existing bug, please have the BMO bot send info to Spark
  • bug 1286988 Cisco Spark BMO bot configured to lookup room name; consider using room identifier
  • bug 1282931 update links on the fly for BMO/Bugzilla to point to instead


  • bug 1283323 Rename "Triage Report" link on Reports page.
  • bug 1286650 Allow explicit specification of an API key in scripts/
  • bug 1287039 Please add Katharina Borchert and CIO to recruiting lists
  • bug 1286960 certain github commit messages are not being auto-linkified properly
  • bug 1254882 develop a nightly script to revoke access to legal bugs from ex-employees


  • bug 1237326 Apache2::Log should only be loaded if we're running under mod_perl
  • bug 775429 Add attachment comment to splinter review
  • bug 1251668 Add code to BMO to push specific bug changes to a Cisco Spark chatroom
  • bug 1283664 Add minimum to Apache2::SizeLimit to ensure better performance
  • bug 1178040 Email address change is very difficult to find
  • bug 1283848 Setting needinfo at time of bug filing results in relative date text of "NeedInfo From: <user> 47 years ago"
  • bug 1286012 Create contributor.json for
  • bug 1283649 When an attachment is a github pull request link, the pull request diff should be displayed in the edit page
  • bug 1283255 typo in bug modal template (cf_points)
  • bug 1285835 BMO sending bogus Content-Disposition filenames when the filename is not ASCII
  • bug 1284521 Reference is already weak at Bugzilla/ line 245.


  • bug 1276820 sends malformed content-type header
  • bug 1281479 Rewrite references to git commits to point to github
  • bug 1251668 Add code to BMO to push specific bug changes to a Cisco Spark chatroom
  • bug 1283554 Odd number of elements in anonymous hash at /data/www/ line 46.
  • bug 1283310 Optimizations for Bugzilla::active_custom_fields()
  • bug 1280281 Need to call Bugzilla->memcache->clear_config() when adding a new flag (only happens on update currently)
  • bug 1279878 CSV injection
  • bug 1283233 Add JSON link to bug nav bar
  • bug 1283726 Update HRBP List in Recruiting Product
  • bug 1282606 Fix TrackingFlags memory leak