BMO/Recent Changes/2016-11

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  • bug 1264821 We want to replace the project kick-off form with a contract request form
  • bug 1310757 Update form:


  • bug 1315326 Add dependencies for Amazon S3 storage to Makefile.PL and META.*
  • bug 1317519 Triage owners page doesn't properly creates links to bug lists
  • bug 1317965 Flag permission checks broken by bug 1257662 allowing unauthorized flag modification


  • bug 1314984 Font size too large in everything except gmail
  • bug 1314335 Need to fix Project Initiation Bug
  • bug 1315701 Re-purpose nightly cleaner to be eject-user-from-groups script
  • bug 1314168 Update to form for Recruiting Product
  • bug 1316106 Pin and JSON::RPC in Makefile.PL to prevent upgrades
  • bug 1316129 changes to legal form


  • bug 1304882 Create help page describing how to migrate from Persona to either internal or Github authentication
  • bug 1306695 Comment text too small in Gmail
  • bug 1306637 add checkbox to page.cgi?id=query_database.html to dump results as csv instead of rendering html table
  • bug 1292679 Custom form for Shield Studies
  • bug 1309965 Report: List of Triage Owners which can be sorted and filtered on product and component
  • bug 1308942 Need to remove two fields on Remo swag request form
  • bug 1308934 Change csv file attachment on Mozilla Reps Swag Request
  • bug 1309663 Improvements to the IPC Form