BMO/Recent Changes/2017-03

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  • bug 1350096 Once you've set a single Thunderbird tracking flag, the "Firefox Tracking Flags" section changes name to "Thunderbird Tracking Flags"
  • bug 1349752 Add script for configuring c9 to run bmo
  • bug 1350466 Uplift bug 1342832 to bmo for performance and other reasons
  • bug 1350467 Add method Bugzilla->preload_features() to be called in startup
  • bug 1349769 takebug should only be default for patch attachments


  • bug 1349899 Clean up invalid mozreview urls on attachment page


  • bug 1345181 Improve performance of html_quote()
  • bug 1344769 Cancel editing button loads BugZilla homepage instead of current bug
  • bug 1345238 CSP: Please avoid using deprecated X-* headers.
  • bug 1345949 modal is a little too narrow, and we shouldn't mix px and em
  • bug 1346162 Needinfo is not checked for users that don't have canconfirm
  • bug 1347570 Enforce minimum value for apache_size_limit
  • bug 1344979 When adding a patch to an unassigned bug, pre-check the reassignment checkbox
  • bug 1309112 Detect and linkify GitHub issue in comment
  • bug 1347237 get_permissions.html is missing
  • bug 1343845 bug status summary does not work when logged out
  • bug 1347335 Lifecycle of request cache begin at apache startup


  • bug 1343778 disabled users not displayed correctly
  • bug 1343783 Stop calling modal ui "experimental" in the settings.
  • bug 1283012 the 'status' and 'assignee' labels disappear when taking a bug in view mode
  • bug 1344128 Cloning a bug causes an invalid cloned_bug_id param when creating the new bug.
  • bug 1343714 When whiteboard is populated, prefix value of whiteboard with 'whiteboard:' in section header
  • bug 1343663 Comments are too wide
  • bug 1343530 Make the ALL+, FIXED+ etc quicksearch keywords show all results
  • bug 1343936 Fix error in userprefs caused by logging into the sessions page
  • bug 1322371 Add Edge bug tracker support to See Also field