BMO/Recent Changes/2017-05

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  • bug 1363803 Consolidate YUI js and css into one js and one css file
  • bug 1361151 Bugzilla Security groups are periodically synced to Phabricator project membership
  • bug 1366798 Fix test breakage due to change to t/Support/ in bug 1361151
  • bug 1367499 Give some guidance in the ui about disabling needinfo
  • bug 1307485 Add code to run a subset of buglist.cgi search queries against the ES backend
  • bug 1348380 Add param and user setting to control elasticsearch behavior
  • bug 1365731 heartbeat.cgi must check Bugzilla->has_feature("bmo")
  • bug 1361376 Bugzilla::WebService::Bug: render_comment() should not pass a literal template string to call quoteUrls()
  • bug 1352264 Preload all templates
  • bug 1365340 Add /new-bug (new_bug.cgi)


  • bug 1359797 GitHub login not appearing on show_bug.cgi
  • bug 1362151 Make /bzapi/configuration faster
  • bug 1352907 Simplify extension system for performance
  • bug 1361408 Remove Firefox OS specific forms
  • bug 1362587 Prevent triggering plugin infobar (workaround bug 1319105)
  • bug 1357775 the needinfo dropdown for the triage owner should display the name and email address when selected
  • bug 1363736 Ensure http configs (.htaccess) are forward-compatible with newer versions of apache
  • bug 1361621 chunk bug updates into multiple transactions


  • bug 1361464 Restore previous comment fonts, conditionally select "Fira" for Windows clients
  • bug 1355490 Short URL link give "The token is not valid" error


  • bug 1359457 Include system font options from Linux distros as possible fonts
  • bug 1355100 Add rel="nofollow" to all external links in bug comments
  • bug 1360675 Bugzilla->clear_request_cache: add option to preserve some keys in the request cache
  • bug 1360619 Move Firefox OS to graveyard
  • bug 1361133 Bugzilla::CPAN: ThrowCodeError() is not imported
  • bug 1312735 allow http auth delegation callbacks based on environmental variable