BMO/Recent Changes/2017-06

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  • bug 1370904 Login fields that are required should have "required" property
  • bug 1370973 Add support for CONNECT proxy (add LWP::Protocol::connect)
  • bug 1067812 Add date selectors to the review history API
  • bug 1365342 Extract the preview comment functionality and make it a reusable template



  • bug 1370378 Add a feature turn off option for the BMO extension that disables all Phabricator integration
  • bug 1368764 Component watching relationship constant not exported in template constants



  • bug 1368901 get_phab_members_by_bmo_id() throws error from Phabricator when no users are part of the bmo group
  • bug 1368739 BMO OrangeFactor integration doesn't work with SSO
  • bug 1364634 Point people to the editbugs request component instead of the mailing list
  • bug 1365734 Handle BMO version number in Makefile.PL / MYMETA.json
  • bug 1368066 When using bmo auth delegation from Phabricator, the confirmation should be skipped similar to mozreview
  • bug 1348439 History item "reporter accessible: true" is confusing