BMO/Recent Changes/2017-12

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  • bug 1423391 Add additional phabricator settings to for running bmo-extensions demo
  • bug 1424787 Due Date on bug modal is 1 day ahead
  • bug 1424155 Write scripts to import/export attachments to disk
  • bug 1376826 New HTML Header for BMO
  • bug 1425119 Allow the new-bug interface to be used
  • bug 1424940 Support HTML5 datepicker
  • bug 1403777 Migrate urlbase from params to localconfig
  • bug 1409957 Create polling daemon to query Phabricator for recent transcations and update bug data according to revision changes
  • bug 1422329 The phabricator conduit API method feed.query_id return data format has changed so the daemon needs to be updated
  • bug 1420771 Remove global footer
  • bug 1426424 feed daemon complains when trying to set an inactive review flag
  • bug 1361890 Remove asset concatenation
  • bug 1426117 Failure when opening a bug: Invalid parameter passed to Bugzilla::Bug::new_from_list: It must be numeric.
  • bug 905763 Fix named anchors in various pages so that the Sandstone theme header can be set to a fixed position
  • bug 1424408 "Sign in with GitHub" button triggers a bugzilla security error, if I'm viewing a page with e.g. "t="



  • bug 1418205 Update easy product selector on Browse and Enter Bug pages
  • bug 1379607 Reimplement Google Analytics on
  • bug 1393950 Block users from signing into Phabricator unless they have MFA enabled
  • bug 1363889 Update BMO to use new Mozilla branding
  • bug 1420300 Move bug tagging tool from global footer to bug footer
  • bug 1420295 Remove the Bugzilla version number from homepage
  • bug 1381296 Buttons on modal UI are not displayed in Fira Sans font, too small compared to other ones
  • bug 1417980 Fix non-HTTPS links and outdated links where possible