BMO/Recent Changes/2018-01

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  • bug 1429600 Update type checking to treat bug id as a simple string or undefined
  • bug 1426414 Send preload headers for webfonts
  • bug 1431135 add bug status css class to markup
  • bug 1430495 Make loading of Requests dropdown faster
  • bug 1429785 In-page back navigation broken
  • bug 1429688 focus Search Bugs box by default
  • bug 1431294 requests.cgi - allocate less memory
  • bug 1428270 Unwrappable content in summary can cause top buttons to bleed out of main content box
  • bug 1429888 See All link in Requests dropdown should show results grouped by flags as before
  • bug 1432812 Send preload headers only for web-browser requests



  • bug 1429398 Scrolling down with keyboard no longer works correctly in at least Firefox
  • bug 1429449 Dropdown menu shouldn't handle non-primary button click
  • bug 1429290 Bugs now display too wide to fit in my window; reading bugs is much harder



  • bug 1429110 Update type checking to treat bug id as a simple string
  • bug 1429075 Encoding issue in notification area (mojibake)
  • bug 1429076 Add lock icon for requests on security-sensitive bugs in notification area
  • bug 1429194 Clicking requests icon gives "Loading... " but never actually completes
  • bug 1429220 Issues with the new fixed header implementation



  • bug 1428166 Move <meta charset> to start of <head>
  • bug 1428156 BMO will mark a revision as public if it sees a new one created without a bug id associated with it
  • bug 1428227 Google doesn't index any more
  • bug 1428079 No horizontal scrollbar when bug summary is very long or narrow browser width
  • bug 1428146 Fix static assets url rewriting rule
  • bug 1427800 Wrong anchor scrolling with old UI
  • bug 1428642 Fix minor bugs on new global header
  • bug 1428641 Implement Requests quick look dropdown on global header
  • bug 1429060 Fix nagios checker blocker breakage from PR #340



  • bug 1426390 Serve WOFF2 Fira Sans font
  • bug 1426963 Make Bugzilla::User->in_group() use a hash lookup
  • bug 1427230 Avoid loading CGI::Carp, which makes templates slow.
  • bug 1326233 doesn't fail NRPE gracefully with bad inputs.
  • bug 1426507 Upgrade BMO to HTML5
  • bug 1330293 Prevent from running longer than 5 minutes (and log to sentry if it does)
  • bug 1426673 The logout link cannot be found as what Sessions page says
  • bug 1427656 Remove ZeroClipboard helper
  • bug 1426685 Fix regressions from fixed-positioning global header
  • bug 1427743 legacy phabbugz API code errors when trying to set an inactive review flag
  • bug 1427646 Remove Webmaker from product selector on Browse page and guided bug entry form
  • bug 1426518 Revisions can optionally not have a bug id so we need to make it optional in the type constraints of
  • bug 1423998 Add 'Pocket' to Business Unit drop down for Legal bugs
  • bug 1426475 Make unknown bug id / alias error message more obvious to prevent content spoofing
  • bug 1426409 github_secret key has no rate limiting