BMO/Recent Changes/2018-04

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  • bug 1450325 Update email templates with instructions for unsubscribing from all emails
  • bug 1451599 Checkbox for agreement terms at create account page should be on the left side
  • bug 1438205 Preserve comments in progress across page reloads
  • bug 1452531 PhabBugz code should add allow visibility to reviewers when creating custom policies
  • bug 1440828 Phabricator review requests should show up on the BMO dashboard
  • bug 1452241 Improve feed error handling and logging
  • bug 1453124 extensions/PhabBugz/bin/ should be combined with the normal feed daemon
  • bug 1455493 cleanup push connector logging
  • bug 1427395 Allow request_cache to be constant-folded in
  • bug 1455772 Label bug bounty form credit fields
  • bug 1373280 Highlight private comments in new bug modal UI
  • bug 1430367 Ssl preconnect google analytics
  • bug 1456529 Support SameSite attribute on session cookies
  • bug 1441732 Improve missing module error in Bugzilla::Extensions and catch more compile errors in tests
  • bug 1457031 When a revision does not have an bug id, the bug is made public but we also need to remove secure-revision tag



  • bug 1450283 JobQueue should treat "no jobs" as a trace-level message, and all other logs as info
  • bug 1450920 Instant Search doesn't work when not logged in
  • bug 1447028 Add auth delegation test script
  • bug 1446431 Allow Baseline scan to ignore forms that dont need CSRF Tokens
  • bug 1450791 SES handler needs to support both "event" and "notification" messages (to handle complaint messages in production)
  • bug 1449282 Create an endpoint that will report back the number of jobs currently in the jobqueue
  • bug 1450679 Replace custom Sentry integration with Logging
  • bug 1328900 Create new group called 'disableusers' that can only edit the bugmail and disabledtext fields of a user
  • bug 1450990 Refactor a bunch of the logging config files
  • bug 1451416 Bugzilla sometimes sends emails to accounts when it shouldn't
  • bug 1453126 Bugzilla::Bloomfilter should encourage preserving the input files for its filters
  • bug 1421110 Add REST API endpoint for /bug/possible_duplicates
  • bug 1453122 The phabbugz feed daemon should use IO::Async::Timer instead of using while loop
  • bug 1451960 Improve opengraph metadata for access-denied bugs
  • bug 1451573 Remove Firefox Marketplace custom forms
  • bug 1453681 Phabricator when searching for a specific project name can return more than one match
  • bug 1453697 ensure error_message is escaped in opengraph description