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  • bug 1471417 Remove XUL from attachment Content Type options; add SVG to standard options; mark PDF viewable
  • bug 1344080 Module headers should be minified when the module is open
  • bug 1469378 Update feed daemon to only manage subscribers on a revision if the bug is private, otherwise leave it alone
  • bug 1469373 Phabbugz fails with undefined error when phab user without linked BMO account accepts BMO linked revision
  • bug 1472048 Remove Metrics Code
  • bug 1471966 Blue "new changes since" bar disappears too quickly
  • bug 1472196 Disable use of editbugs as edit policy since group member syncing is currently broken on prod bmo



  • bug 1467297 variable masks earlier declaration in in Phabbugz extension
  • bug 1467271 When making a revision public, make the revision editable only by the bmo-editbugs-team project (editbugs)
  • bug 1456877 Add a wrapper around libcmark_gfm to Bugzilla
  • bug 1468818 Re-introduce is_markdown to the longdescs table (schema-only)
  • bug 1469689 Remove Bugzilla Helper and custom bug entry form links from Browse page
  • bug 1419971 Add new Developer Tools and WebExtensions products to easy product selector on Browse and Enter Bug pages
  • bug 1469827 The etiquette check on "Create new a Bugzilla account" lacks a proper label
  • bug 1469920 Update schema: add a nickname to profiles table and a fulltext index on the profiles realname field
  • bug 1469333 Check attachment file size client-side and inform user of too large file before uploading it
  • bug 1461379 API DB Availability Exceptions on recurring BMO scripts
  • bug 1393146 Automate blocking IPs that bugzilla flags as exceeding rate limits
  • bug 1470275 Copy Summary button should give some feedback
  • bug 1470343 GitHub PR diff is not decoded in UTF-8
  • bug 1470485 Create new policies using PhabricatorProjectsAllPolicyRule instead of PhabricatorProjectsPolicyRule
  • bug 1469881 Patches posted by Phabricator to Bugzilla don't list the patch author
  • bug 1457900 When restricting a revision to a bugzilla group we should tag the revision with the project
  • bug 1471044 Allow some model classes to have dynamic column names with class method DYNAMIC_COLUMNS
  • bug 1470966 "Status" column in Phabricator dashboard isn't very useful
  • bug 1452096 Some custom dropdown UI widgets stay fixed and don't move with scroll
  • bug 1471304 Block sending mail to hosts that end with .tld or .bugs
  • bug 1457550 Update scripts/ suitability for current BMO infrastructure.
  • bug 1469023 Show "new changes since (datetime)" indicator that links to unread changes/comments



  • bug 1430905 Remove legacy phabbugz code that is no longer needed
  • bug 1466159 crash graph is wrong
  • bug 1466122 Change "Reviews Requested of You" to show results are from Phabricator and not from BMO
  • bug 1465889 field should be red instead of black