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  • bug 989476 A comment from a "new to bugzilla" user on a mentored [good-first-bug] should trip the needinfo flag.
  • bug 1529985 "Phabricator Revisions" section of bug is stuck at "Loading...." due to typo in phabricator.js
  • bug 1496207 Allow to request uplift of multiple patches at once by adding checkboxes for other patches
  • bug 1527178 If an uplift request answers Yes to needing manual QA, automatically set the qe-verify flag
  • bug 1502500 Adding the qe-verify flag as an editable field when using Bugzilla's "Change Several Bugs at Once" option
  • bug 1463874 Update Default Products and Remove Buglist Queries from triage_owners.html
  • bug 1532406 Removed useless trick_taint() and untaint() calls
  • bug 1530010 Drop support for dangerous 'utf8' characterset in favor of 'utf8mb4'
  • bug 1527053 Can't search for "video" to find all relevant bugs
  • bug 1532482 Improve “new changes since” indicator UX
  • bug 1503483 Convert redirects to absolute path
  • bug 1472522 Show image, video, audio, text attachments inline
  • bug 1532409 Introduce Bugzilla::Model (a DBIx::Class::Schema)
  • bug 1532416 Refactor move_flag_types to use Mojolicious and DBIx::Class
  • bug 1477931 Show number of review/feedback/needinfo in user autocomplete and prevent person from being added if requests are blocked
  • bug 1276471 Document that GET /rest/bug returns a maximum of $max_search_results bugs by default (default: 10000) even with limit=0
  • bug 1391439 Add ability to capture and attach a screenshot through the Bugzilla UI
  • bug 1507812 should not continue if the old user id has an account in Phabricator
  • bug 1532766 Make the the application root a static, cache-friendly redirect to /home
  • bug 1497721 rest/bug/ API redirects when number of ids in query string is >= 900