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  • bug 1225902 Show only flags with requestee in the "Flags You Have Requested" section
  • bug 1552720 Linkify bug summaries on My Dashboard query table
  • bug 1542554 Add bug type icons to dependency trees
  • bug 1514000 Suppress duplicated changes in bug history made at the same time mainly due to mid-air collisions
  • bug 1523536 New bug's "Choose from your most-used components" list is slow to show up
  • bug 1538115 Add shortcuts for tracking & status flags
  • bug 1553893 Remove horizontal rule from summary section as well as when email notifications are sent
  • bug 1552885 Fix issues in the post-Sandstone skin including low contrast, visited links and small font size
  • bug 1283312 Advanced Search page doesn’t list Flags and many other fields in Search By Change History
  • bug 1543489 Update firefox-crash-table.js to use cached firefox_versions.json
  • bug 1553780 Can't type/paste text into attachment contents and set text/html mimetype
  • bug 1546437 group reviewers not properly flagged in "Phabricator Revisions" bugzilla section



  • bug 1546502 Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes for 2019 week 16
  • bug 1345750 "Depends on" and "Blocks" bug lists should still show list of bug links in edit mode
  • bug 1544059 Cloning a bug as a blocker doesn't copy the 'component' field
  • bug 1543741 Blocklist requests getting filed as 'defect' instead of 'task' because of custom form
  • bug 1543456 Keep bug type passed to enter_bug.cgi via query, including cloned bug, even after component is selected
  • bug 1544132 Allow editing empty Descriptions
  • bug 1546539 [SEO] Many legacy and printable bug pages are cached by Google
  • bug 1546774 Show Dependency Tree link even if there’s only one bug
  • bug 1546624 Add a 'everchanged' operator
  • bug 1546146 Show bug types in See Also
  • bug 1543438 Enter Bug page: Hide Severity and Mentors as advanced fields
  • bug 1543189 Add search pronouns: %triageowner% and %self%
  • bug 1541617 Allow Products to set a default bug type.
  • bug 1547098 Limit the height of code in Markdown so the horizontal scrollbar can be found and used easily
  • bug 1535574 Reply to Markdown comment adds extra line above quoted text but not below
  • bug 1546444 Security Bugs Report: Parameterize the time that the report is run at
  • bug 1547714 Attachment with application/octet-stream MIME type should not be previewed even if it’s actually text file
  • bug 1549007 "From Reporter" populates 64-bit Windows 8.1 as x86
  • bug 1550439 Type is reset on hard-refresh with "Always Enable Edit Mode"
  • bug 1546877 Slow Script warning on bugzilla page when loading preview of large json file
  • bug 1548725 Change crash signature & report links from to .org
  • bug 1550145 Add 'forget_after_date' field to profiles table
  • bug 1549287 Ghost selection on modal module headers
  • bug 1550104 Add "Has STR" and "Has Regression Range" fields for Graveyard products
  • bug 1545330 Add bug type to open graph data on bug detail page.
  • bug 1541618 Add triage owner to edit components view columns.
  • bug 1521423 Links to comments are not correct in bugmail
  • bug 1225902 Show only flags with requestee in the "Flags You Have Requested" section
  • bug 1540715 Security Bugs Report: Fix date offset of historical dates
  • bug 1549637 Homepage link on the global header is wrong
  • bug 1377977 Implement initial version of post-Sandstone theme including Dark Mode