BMO/Recent Changes/2019-06

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  • bug 1317224 Option 'Ignore Bug Mail' is hidden by default on modal UI
  • bug 1559830 Second line in the Requests dropdown is partially cut if there is secure bug icon
  • bug 1543700 Reimplememt Custom Search UI on Advanced Search page
  • bug 1546788 Deselect bug type by default unless component-specific type is defined
  • bug 1512497 Comment editing should be listed on the bug history page and API
  • bug 1560133 Bug filed as a regression should be given type "defect"
  • bug 1503483 Convert redirects to absolute path
  • bug 1559147 Add option to report ping to only send results since a particular timestamp
  • bug 1560187 Remove legacy server push code
  • bug 1482447 Add nofollow to all external links
  • bug 1545002 Clicking on "Reply to this comment" on a private comment should automatically check the private checkbox
  • bug 1472316 Decommission new-bug page
  • bug 1560245 Specify missing bug field types
  • bug 1477931 Show number of review/feedback/needinfo in user autocomplete and prevent person from being added if requests are blocked
  • bug 1558096 [a11y] Fix remaining accessibility issues on modal UI
  • bug 1559988 Make extension hooks faster
  • bug 1531968 Allow to search bugs by Firefox merge dates
  • bug 1559039 Suggest that a user uses an attachment when a comment is very long
  • bug 1546788 Deselect bug type by default unless component-specific type is defined



  • bug 1557779 OAuth flow broken when user is not already logged in *and* uses duo auth
  • bug 1557186 No official documentation for relative dates
  • bug 1557726 Remove author column from Phabricator table to avoid revision owner vs. commit author confusion
  • bug 1540425 Remove Array.forEach from sorttable.js
  • bug 1558494 Fix some more issues in the post-Sandstone skin
  • bug 1556836 Feed daemon needs to add security-revision and bmo security tags back to revision if removed by user or other process
  • bug 1362951 CC list implies there's a drop-down menu, but clicking the dropdown button treats it as send email