BMO/Recent Changes/2019-07

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  • bug 1566997 Add Firefox Brand to New Bug Flow
  • bug 1565872 Fix miscellaneous typos and spelling inconsistencies
  • bug 1565319 FF Version selection does not update from client version, shows previous reported version
  • bug 1563360 End key does not scroll all the way to the bottom of BMO page
  • bug 1567571 Make featured product list 3+ columns
  • bug 1568259 Short URL generation isn't working
  • bug 1568863 Prefilled comment will be wiped after changing component
  • bug 1533269 Tooltip displayed at wrong position when page is zoomed or scrolled, and reappears after switching back tab



  • bug 1524174 Redirect to show_bug.cgi after creating bug or updating a bug
  • bug 1563269 Stray "from" when redirecting needinfo
  • bug 1562804 status NEW is not present in the status changed section in a bugzilla user profile
  • bug 1524175 Redirect to show_bug.cgi after creating or updating an attachment
  • bug 1563312 Needinfo links at top of bug goes to #c0 rather than relevant comment
  • bug 1557799 Search By Change History: date range is ignored when field is not specified
  • bug 1380437 Implement REST API utility methods in global.js to replace bugzilla_ajax(), eliminate JSON-RPC usage
  • bug 1566079 User autocomplete doesn’t work for requestee for certain flags
  • bug 1563868 Update documentation for searching on bugs by group restriction
  • bug 1565741 Let users choose defect or enhancement on guided bug entry form
  • bug 1541898 Allow to search on product/component pair
  • bug 1533717 Add a search keyword "Whatever"
  • bug 1546717 Add the ability to search on count gt/lt/eq
  • bug 1273046 Disable the legacy non-modal bug UI
  • bug 1562651 My Dashboard broken, reporting "Failed to load last changes from Bugzilla"
  • bug 1565636 Component description for "Firefox for Android :: Build Config & IDE Support" is out of date
  • bug 1252298 Feature Request: Issue Templates for Components