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  • bug 1575885 Triage Owner field cannot be found in reorganized bug UI
  • bug 1576236 Arrow beside "CC" does not have any affordance to indicate it's clickable
  • bug 1576149 'Save changes' button disabled after submitting changes which get rejected and using Back button (e.g. bug summary too long)
  • bug 1575805 Manually expanded section will be collapsed again after visiting a bug that hides the section by default
  • bug 1575881 Bug open/updated/closed date, reporter and triage owner should be visible in Edit mode
  • bug 1417229 Enable Triage Lead on a component to see security bugs in that component
  • bug 1575003 Can't link to gitlab issues in the "see also" field
  • bug 1576667 Add creation timestamp to the user_api_keys table to show when an api key was first generated



  • bug 1344091 Reorganize the header and modules on modal bug UI



  • bug 1573127 Blocklist bug form is missing a bug type field
  • bug 1572945 Cannot enter bug through Guided Bug Form if the product’s default platform is auto-detect
  • bug 1574792 Bugzilla has suffered an internal error: Bugzilla cannot log you into an external site via GitHub.
  • bug 1575005 Do not send email announcement upon automated creation pf API keys by auth.cgi



  • bug 1565403 Log how a bug was filed (via standard, guided, custom bug form or API)
  • bug 1572731 Updated Since Last Visit section of My Dashboard broken



  • bug 1555508 Cursor does not change to hand (cursor: pointer) when mouse is over "Edit Bug" or "Save Changes" buttons
  • bug 1569194 My Dashboard shows Unexpected Error dialog when request is aborted while loading
  • bug 1568592 Custom fields are lost when using Edit Search
  • bug 1568704 Allow to use --- as empty Resolution field value in Custom Search
  • bug 1569130 Explain in the API doc that Bugzilla returns a 302 redirect when the query string is > 10 KB
  • bug 1545331 I can't see which of defect/enhancment/task is currently selected during editing
  • bug 1430375 Drop Cookie.js
  • bug 1570285 cannot correctly enter date for 'Search By Change History' on Advanced Search page, gets autocompleted too early leaving no space for last digit
  • bug 1565403 Log how a bug was filed (via standard, guided, custom bug form or API)
  • bug 1568695 Allow to use merge date pronouns with changed before/after operator
  • bug 1571129 Allow attaching font/* content types
  • bug 1571572 Allow to prefill needinfo field on the Enter Bug page
  • bug 1562364 Enforce setting bug type when creating bug through API
  • bug 1529406 Record user’s logged-in/out status and track insiders with Google Analytics
  • bug 1567299 STMO report_ping command should store last ran timestamp in database and automatically run from last time if present