BMO/Recent Changes/2019-10

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  • bug 1573227 Various UI text and code comments assume male gender
  • bug 1586698 Add proper autocomplete attributes for password change fields
  • bug 1587133 Crash panel sizing incorrect when first opened
  • bug 1461358 Add a dev server link to the account creation process.
  • bug 1584191 Cloning a bug doesn't copy the regressed by / regressions field
  • bug 1580980 Including "patch" in attachment description automatically flags the attachment as a patch
  • bug 1580998 Show link to dependency tree in edit mode
  • bug 1587982 Extraneous comma in history due to wrong join of added field in Bug 1368555
  • bug 1584332 older comment edits/changes returned by API call with history restricted by new_since=YYYY-MM-DD
  • bug 1587849 Cannot create markdown comments via the REST API