BMO/Recent Changes/2019-12

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  • bug 1599002 Change bug status from NEW to ASSIGNED when setting assignee from Phabricator
  • bug 1597524 vagrant up failed, saying table 'bugs_bmo.profiles' doesn't exist
  • bug 1599620 Don't auto-assign if there are no reviewers specified.
  • bug 1599539 Bugzilla should strip whitespace from the beginning of the "URL" field (because a leading space triggers "This is considered an unsafe URL and could possibly be harmful" dialog)
  • bug 1583153 Dependency tree view has wrong/confusing indentation
  • bug 1597800 Create a "Security Bug Report" report for sec-moderate and sec-low bugs
  • bug 1602566 Update vagrant config and docs to allow using Windows Hyper-V VMs