BMO/Recent Changes/2020-02

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  • bug 1617358 Extra slash in the "phabricator review requests" link's url on the BMO dashboard
  • bug 1591549 Hide bugs in dependencies and regression fields from users without access
  • bug 1237874 File size unit always plural: "1 bytes"
  • bug 1599865 Bug description is erased during page load, leading to dataloss during Firefox session restore
  • bug 1472757 Comment field empty after clicking "go back page"
  • bug 1614634 13 hours ago wasn't "1 day ago"
  • bug 1612290 Provide self-service UI for users to reactivate their account after being disabled due to bouncing



  • bug 1613686 Improper encoding of content-type, content-transfer-encoding for security reports causes content to not be displayed properly
  • bug 1556727 Replace “Email sent to” message with a toast notification
  • bug 1611281 Double-escaping of '<' in code areas
  • bug 1611494 Bugzilla custom email headers are getting mashed together
  • bug 1612287 Issue with negation operator in query search