BMO/Recent Changes/2020-04

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  • bug 1631051 The current setting of the auto-refresh button in My dashboard should be stored
  • bug 1631971 Create link to Matrix support channel for each product
  • bug 1632038 Remove number of people from bug update toast notification
  • bug 1632624 When adding vars to the fields data that is logged to stack driver, convert to a JSON string
  • bug 1632994 [Bugzilla.App] Can't use an undefined value as a subroutine reference at /app/Bugzilla/ line 94.
  • bug 1633848 Fix possible areas where memory leak can occur in the PhabBugz daemon code
  • bug 1623009 Long password denial of service in





  • bug 1621662 Remove option for using Vagrant for BMO development and support Docker as primary method
  • bug 1621160 First row of stagger column headers will be hidden when table header becomes sticky
  • bug 1621278 Make bug IDs on search results proper bug links
  • bug 1622956 Update contact emails and URLs
  • bug 1344094 Add a link to a page describing how to request a keyword
  • bug 1623727 Graphviz needs to be installed in bmo-slim base container to allow showdependencygraph.cgi to work properly
  • bug 849902 my dashboard should be able to refresh on its own
  • bug 1370492 "Assigned to you" in My dashboard should show bugs priority
  • bug 1183759 keyword suggestions should not show keywords which have been already selected
  • bug 1410994 Add utility for mass-disabling stale accounts