BMO/Recent Changes/2020-10

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  • bug 1671135 enable crash signature field for Remote Protocol product
  • bug 1671732 Allow "See Also" field to link to project security advisories
  • bug 1670319 Allow use of OAuth2 bearer token as authentication for API calls same as API keys
  • bug 1673064 BMO phabbugz server errors when a revision has a package owner set as a reviewer



  • bug 1669330 Should not be possible to override bug type requirement when submitting a bug using API
  • bug 1665646 Make it clear when a bug's description (comment 0) has multiple authors
  • bug 1669877 Can't revert "Never email me about this bug"
  • bug 1669755 Email address changes are not being stored on profiles activity for some reason
  • bug 1670092 Update CircleCI configuration for BMO to follow new guidelines for downloading Docker Hub images
  • bug 1670574 Add a close button to the horizontal bar when attachment is viewed
  • bug 1670980 Update API docs for creating bugs, rep_platform should be platform in example JSON



  • bug 1668308 Unauthenticated searches can generate massive cookies
  • bug 1668439 Overlaid image viewer is not full in height