BMO/Recent Changes/2020-11

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  • bug 1678513 The request_uri column in the user_request_log table is not being populated properly
  • bug 1679081 Global symbol "$C" requires explicit package name (did you forget to declare "my $C"?)
  • bug 1675625 Refactor error handing in Mojolicious to allow for native mojo code to something other than Bugzilla::Error
  • bug 1677419 Token cancellation and verification should take an extra step to confirm



  • bug 1670319 Allow use of OAuth2 bearer token as authentication for API calls same as API keys
  • bug 1674166 Note that created bugs will be private for the blocklist form
  • bug 1673348 request for possibility to prevent auto-assignment of bug to author of submitted patch if bug is leave-open or only disables tests
  • bug 1675466 using browser's feature to got back one page in history from intermittent failures page for a bug goes to to blank page, second call of 'back' function needed
  • bug 1622867 Add an equivalent to `/latest/configuration` to the REST api
  • bug 1676877 With recent changes to the Mojo REST endpoints, we need to disallow using cookies for auth when using API
  • bug 1675075 [Webhooks] Update all JSON data to be more consistent and update documentation to match
  • bug 1673948 Add "Team Name" as a search column