BMO/Recent Changes/2021-03

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  • bug 1697642 Record login method in login cookies table to see how users are authenticating
  • bug 1698430 Add a per-user UUID for telemetry



  • bug 1693171 "See Also" field to link to pocket issues
  • bug 1693908 [WEBHOOKS] Align field names and data structure with that of the REST API where currently not aligned
  • bug 1693860 [WEBHOOKS] The Webhook push connector needs to return more details when an error occurs instead of just the code
  • bug 1694806 [WEBHOOKS] Bugzilla Webhook Setup: Appears to add Space to end of URL
  • bug 1694803 [WEBHOOKS] Bugzilla Webhook Documentation: Requests/Schema Update
  • bug 1695739 "Team Name" search doesn't work