BMO/Recent Changes/2021-10

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  • bug 1729095 [GCP] Updating and reports.cgi to use S3 for storage of data files
  • bug 1736578 2FA Bypass on using IP rorate techniques similar to bruteforce.



  • bug 1734463 support "Data Platform and Tools" with cf_crash_signature in REST API
  • bug 1721080 Account showing bounces but rejecter is *
  • bug 1696781 Account creation redirects to login
  • bug 1659599 [WEBHOOKS] Implement authentication token in Webhooks



  • bug 1674752 Rate limit new account creation, password change, etc. emails
  • bug 1729495 Update showdependencygraph.cgi to not create a png file in data/webdot and instead include as base64 data
  • bug 1721830 Remove Elasticsearch code from BMO as not used and will reduce code to maintain
  • bug 1722612 Add support for sending IP addresses of authentication failures and abusive behavior to the iprepd API for rate limiting
  • bug 1729270 When changing severity from -- to something, bugzilla complains that a comment is needed