BMO/Recent Changes/2022-02

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  • bug 1753429 Add ability to search for disabled users
  • bug 1666921 Remove all code related to auth delegation from BMO as OAuth2 provider support replaces it
  • bug 1612286 Single sign-on through Mozilla IAM
  • bug 1651953 Change bug status to ASSIGNED also when it's UNCONFIRMED instead of NEW
  • bug 1754481 Make mozilla-employee-confidential group read only for people who use IAM for authentication



  • bug 1751090 Exiting subroutine via next at /app/extensions/PhabBugz/ line 71.
  • bug 1749479 Add "regression" keyword and set "Has Regression Range" to "yes" on all bugs with a non-empty "Regressed By" field
  • bug 1752918 Remove duplicate column names in buglist.cgi
  • bug 1751596 Use of uninitialized value $component in string ne at /app/extensions/BMO/ line 2266.
  • bug 1751597 DBD::mysql::db do failed: Column 'method' cannot be null [for Statement "INSERT INTO user_request_log
  • bug 1751601 Bugzilla::User->visible_bugs causes fatal error if one of the bug ids passed is an alias and not a bug id