BMO/Recent Changes/2022-04

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  • bug 1765080 Uncaught TypeError: this.priority is null
  • bug 1760183 Add REST endpoint to provide current triage owners for a given set of products
  • bug 1763417 Add ‘Is Android affected?’ to the uplift request form
  • bug 1765286 Creating a short URL of a bug list sorted by number of votes doesn't keep the sorting order in the short URL
  • bug 1762504 Update Exception handling to allow native Mojo code and older legacy code to work along side each other
  • bug 1761594 Bugzilla should reject redirect_uri tampering when being used for authentication with Phabricator



  • bug 1752107 Allow adding Reddit threads to "See Also"
  • bug 1191821 The Add button when trying to add something to the See Also field is pointless
  • bug 1753889 "remember these as my default search list options" is not saving "classification" choices
  • bug 1729091 [GCP] Move as much as possible of data/params parameters to a table in the database
  • bug 1759306 Add a field for Number of See Also
  • bug 1762134 Update BMO user guide to list "Project Flags" too in addition to "Tracking Flags"
  • bug 1763003 Write script to fix dependency corruption in database for a large number of older bugs