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  • bug 1780308 Allow a group of users to delete attachments when needed due to sensitive information
  • bug 1780472 New release admin UI not properly preselecting default milestones and versions from the config parameters
  • bug 1780693 Make it easier to associate the Dxxxxx link and "Needs Review" status in phabricator revisions table
  • bug 1780733 Sort phabricator revisions by stack order
  • bug 1774673 The new component API introduced by bug 1773137 has incorrect documentation about data returned from a component update
  • bug 577847 "See also" field should accept any URL
  • bug 1512484 Allow to specify default version per product
  • bug 1781121 moving both the status and reviewer columns before the summary for phabricator list make it more readable



  • bug 1779086 [WEBHOOKS] When an author cannot see the bug or private comment/attachment do not send any data
  • bug 1777640 Make the order of the reviewers in the phabricator revisions section stable
  • bug 1780043 Please add "Developer Infrastructure" in the triage owner list
  • bug 1772408 Not properly forbidding reporters to set the priority, severity and type fields unless they have editbugs privs for new bugs



  • bug 1778930 Misaligned "Save Changes" buttons
  • bug 1778935 Invalid bugs cannot be moved out of the Graveyard by the reporter



  • bug 1775350 Add a button to copy bug number as markdown link
  • bug 1776435 "Update Bug" requires a bug ID in URL but documentation claims it is optional
  • bug 1778205 All bugs in under the Graveyard classification should prevent changes and comments from all users that do not have editbugs
  • bug 1764246 Use "triaged" keyword to track bug's triaged state instead of severity
  • bug 1767084 [WEBHOOKS] Disable webhooks after large number of errors and notify webhook owner.
  • bug 1776503 [SELF-SERVICE] New for to add new version and milestone to select products when a new Firefox release comes out