BMO/Recent Changes/2022-08

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  • bug 1324011 "See also" elements should be links in emails
  • bug 1782806 move of bug to different component shouldn't drop its keywords
  • bug 1782398 Linkify title of phabricator revisions
  • bug 1783044 Unable to link profile to People due to error page not being rendered properly
  • bug 1329271 Add WONTFIX and WORKSFORME to bottom-of-page resolution button set



  • bug 1782314 When creating a new account using OAuth2 or Github, show warning text about emails being visible and other rules
  • bug 1782257 /rest/component endpoint - handle cases where a component name has `/`
  • bug 1782341 show graph in phabricator revisions
  • bug 1782670 In advanced search, some components are visible in the list when they shouldn't