BMO/Recent Changes/2022-09

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  • bug 1524850 Documented password guidelines do not match implementation
  • bug 1790623 Extend the Triage Owners report to include an indication if the Triage Owner is a member of the default security group
  • bug 1789259 Convert trivial, minor, normal, major+ (for crashes) severities to new style severity



  • bug 1784693 Fit Phabricator revisions table to Details box
  • bug 1532985 Changing the product fails because of mismatch in version, should just use default
  • bug 1785454 Update component editing API to not required full editcomponents to just update triage owner
  • bug 1787294 Allow optional tolerance in the /rest/user endpoint when querying users that are not exist
  • bug 1783576 Add field to REST API that returns timestamp of bug last change by an actual person
  • bug 1787954 Certain fields missing from get user API when added by extensions and specifically requested with include_fields
  • bug 1787966 Refactor duplicate fields for the user's last activity in /rest/user endpoint