BMO/Recent Changes/2022-11

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  • bug 1801343 Need a way to disable the github PR linking if needed
  • bug 1801309 Only create new attachments when a pull request is initially opened so as to not create possible duplicates
  • bug 1802735 Quoting groups in remove_idle_group_members script
  • bug 1799777 Update the "Focus" product's description (and list Focus on describecomponents.cgi and enter_bug.cgi)
  • bug 1802894 Please delist "Data Platform and Tools" from new bug page



  • bug 1799304 Search fails with relative date
  • bug 1799736 Use title of Github Pull Request instead of generic "GitHub Pull Request" string
  • bug 1798065 GCP: Move bloomfilter whitelist files and rate_limit files from data/ to the DB
  • bug 1798673 *** Place holder for summary ***



  • bug 1692222 Show bug ids in reference fields when user has editbugs even if the user cannot see the actual bugs
  • bug 1791629 Uplift request workflow should only request relman review after uplift form is submitted
  • bug 1196291 Prevent users without editbugs from commenting on resolved bugs, unless they are already involved in the bug
  • bug 1798382 Bugzilla queries that involve change history are rejected by MySQL when using date shortcuts and the calculated timestamp is an invalid date