BMO/Recent Changes/2024-02

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  • bug 1881309 Create new admin parameter to disabled new account creation
  • bug 1877578 Update sitemap extension and mining chart code to upload data to google cloud storage instead of aws s3
  • bug 1881356 SiteMapIndex extension needs to add alt=media to all outgoing links to work properly with Google Cloud Storage



  • bug 1879358 Fix a few remaining issues with code changes enforcing duo 2fa for certain members
  • bug 1880002 control+e doesn't work in Summary field
  • bug 1878749 Request to change sec-approval request form



  • bug 1874037 Type to search options doesn’t work with custom <bz-select> element having no search bar
  • bug 1874015 Can no longer open-select-close bugzilla dropdowns in a single drag gesture
  • bug 1873826 Scrollbar gets hidden when opening dropdown menu
  • bug 1873447 On the new bug form, can't use control-E on Mac to go to the end of fields
  • bug 1870891 Replace native <select> with custom element with search bar
  • bug 1877294 When adding a new version and mileston when new Firefox is released, disabled old versions and milestones 10 releases or older
  • bug 1873913 The request information feature no longer autofills the selected person's email into the text box