BMO/Recent Changes/2024-03

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  • bug 1888462 Since bug 1157227 landed Profile link is missing in the user drop down and also drop down is broken for cc list members
  • bug 1861776 Uplift Approval Request fields are shown in a different order when auto-posted to Bugzilla
  • bug 1888524 javascript error when creating and viewing some bugs: can't access property "querySelector", $overlay is null
  • bug 1888481 checkbox for NI is no longer automatically checked when picking myself or any other choice



  • bug 1887999 Approval request dropdowns sometimes not visible with modal Details dialog
  • bug 1878813 Make search pages and enter/show bug pages responsive



  • bug 1157227 redesign the "attachment details" page
  • bug 1871065 [DUO] Update BMO to move away from the deprecated iframe Duo prompt to the suggested Duo Universal Prompt by March 30th, 2024



  • bug 1859442 What Should I Work On Next: rename and enhancements
  • bug 1886266 Change the number of old releases to go back and disable from 10 to 15
  • bug 1886289 Never attempt to send mail to



  • bug 1882734 Use new CVE website for linking CVE-IDs
  • bug 1882551 Create new admin page just for adjusting anti-spam parameters and create special group that can administer it