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Balkans Meeting - NewB take 6

=== Attendees: ===
0. Hi , my name is _______ and am from _______. My favorite firefox Addon is ____________
1. Hi , my name is Konstantina and am from Greece. My favorite firefox Addon is the reps companion
2. Hi , my name is Vanja and am from Serbia. My favorite firefox Addon isAdblock Plus ;)
3. Hi , my name is fredy and am from Greece. My favorite firefox Addon is my addon :P
4. Hi , my name is Aleksandra and am from Serbia. My favorite firefox Addon is AdBlock Plus
5. Hi, my name is Francisco, and am from Spain. My favorite addon is uBlock (better than adblock plus)
6. Hi, my name is Elio from Albania. My favourite addon is ColorZilla
7. Hi my name is Brian from Slovenia. My favourite add-on is Zemanta
8. Hi i am Christos from Greece. My favourite addon is wappalyzer

== Agenda: ==

=== 0. Community status ( events, meetings etc) ===

  • feel free to add any news from your local community


  • big mozilla presence
  • mozilla is a golden sponsor
  • over 10 Mozillians as speakers
  • 70% of the organizer team Mozillians
  • 25-30 (vouched) Mozillians attending (around 10 Reps)
  • 510 registrations up to now, we expect 300-350

  • 1 day before the balkans meetup
  • continue on BuddyUp QA pilot program
  • christos, ioana, fredy and marcia - Bebe and Ada - new on board
  • qa sprint focus on
    • automation
    • One & done platform

  • Croatia 18th-20th May
  • Nikola is going to be our presence
  • keynote from Brian
  • workshop on firefox OS

=== 1. News from Mozilla Word ===

  • Participation calls :
    • The Participation call is a space for everyone passionate about community building and participation at Mozilla to be able to share what they're doing.
    • every other Thursdays Participation/Meetings
  • Communities Communication Channels :
    • Participation team is working on identifying all of the communication pathways that currently exist across various communities to make sure everyone receives important announcement (especially about Firefox OS) and is able to return feedback!

=== 2 MozBalkans:====

* 0) How do you write Balkan in your own language?

    • Albanian: Ballkan
    • Bosnian: ( not confirmed - balkanski)
    • Bulgarian: Balkan for girl is балканка, балканец for men, Balkan Country is Балканска Държава
    • Croatian: Balkan
    • Greek: βαλκάνιος / Βαλκάνια
    • Kosovar: Ballkan
    • Macedonian: Балкан
    • Romanian: Balcan
    • Serbian: Балкан/Balkan
    • Slovenian: Balkan
    • Turkish:
    • Montenegrian:
    • Irish: mBalcán

* 1) Travel to/from Bucharest

    • Is anyone not registered till now?

* 2) Accommodation

    • We will stay at Novotel Bucharest City Centre

    • Everyone will be sharing the room with another mozillian

Aleksandra: Will there be organized transport form the airport to the hotel?

  • unfortunately not - but I will add info to the wiki/pad with the bus - iam investigating now the best way. Also i will mail you gusy to let you know if you arrive more in the same time .

* 3) Please update your mozillians profile:

    • As we will be participating to a Mozilla event having a complete profile is necessary.

* 4) Resources /References

* 5) Schedule details:

    • In terms of time we are looking to have two session of 1h and a workshop/hackathon of 3h ( this is the intend at the moment)
    • In terms of participants and structure of them at the moment the sessions will be with all, the workshop with who wants to be part of ti - will be in the same time as for L10n/SUMO/QA - teams can combine.
    • Last session should include some Actionable Items for the future ( 6-12 months)

* 6) Goals! We will be adding them to the reps event as it is a reps sponsored one.

    • Please let me know if you have any certain goal for this meetup. It will help us better organize this event ( on reps portal specially ), to keep a focus on those and to better prepare.

*7) Physical logistics:
I expect people to bring a laptop/tablet/phone with them. I will confirm this with them.
Do you need some special hardware ( transformers, adapters, somethingsomethingers? )
Do you need some more softly hardware ( postits, pens etc?) we will have some but If you need specifically exactly something pls let me know ( golden pens isn't a default here)
[action needed]Let me know your special need for logistics.

* 8) Venue

What are the local ways of transports, so in this way we can use them from hotel to TechHub?

* 9) Dinners, Afterhours etc

* 10) Contact

    • Please do not hesitate to ping me, Konstantina or Francisco for any concerns you might have.

11) questions

  • Elio: are we going to have live streaming in the meet-up
    • franc we will try if we will have the bandwidth
    • [Ioana] i can double check witht he venue
    • [Ioana] any hardware needed?
  • Kristi: What are the local ways of transports, so in this way we can use them from hotel to TechHub?
    • Konstantina: need to double check with Ioana but I think there is no public transport needed from the hotel to the venue
    • [ioana] 10 min walking

12) Meeting on the 19 May?
participants ok +1+1+1+1+1+1+1

=== Read Only ===

====Next meeting: ====

====Action Items:====

====OLD: ====

  • [DONE] [ioana] Send updates about MozBlkans Participants
    • Konstantina was the one to send out hte list
  • [DONE] [ioana] work on wiki page


=== Reminders: ===