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This is the job spec being used to recruit new Mozilla Foundation board members.

Mozilla Foundation is seeking a small number of new unpaid board members who share our passion for growing and preserving the open nature of the web.

Mozilla: building innovation and opportunity on the Internet

Mozilla is a global community of people who promote innovation and openness on the internet. We're best known for Firefox, an open source web browser used by 400 million people around the world. With 250 paid staff and 20,000 volunteers, we also build tools and run programs that invite people around the world to build a better, more open internet. The non-profit Mozilla Foundation coordinates the overall work of the Mozilla community.

What we're working on

Mozilla Foundation's main focus right now is engaging new people and new ideas that help Mozilla have an impact beyond the browser.

Current Mozilla Foundation programs include Webmaker, Open Badges and a 'new communities' program encompassing [http:// Open News], Mozilla Science Lab and a program focused on internet policy. A description of these programs can be found here.

Mozilla Foundation is the parent to other Mozilla organizations, including the product groups that create Firefox and Thunderbird. The Foundation plays an oversight and guidance role in relation to these groups.

Can you help?

We are seeking a small number skilled and committed board members to help us strengthen, grow and promote Mozilla Foundation's work.

Board members should share Mozilla's vision of an open internet that fuels innovation and opportunity for all. Ideally, they should also also bring a mix of both technology and public benefit experience, including experience participating on non-profit boards.

We are especially interested in board members with skills and experience in one of the following areas:

  1. Explaining complex ideas and issues to a broad public, in particular around the internet or technology. Serving as an organizational ambassador or popular thought leader.
  2. Developing significant new ideas, technologies or services that help shape the web, make it more open. Contributing to the overall field of open technology on the internet.
  3. Leading complex non-profit organizations, either as an executive or board chair. High level, strategic experience with large scale membership, fundraising or volunteer efforts would be major assets.

What's involved in being a board member?

  • Shaping Mozilla's vision as we expand our reach and participation beyond Firefox
  • Contributing actively to the evolution of initiatives like Webmaker, Open Badges and Open News
  • Acting as spokesperson and ambassador for Mozilla within your own networks

What's the time commitment?

  • Attending in six board meetings per year, two in California and four by phone
  • Participating in once yearly discussion Mozilla Corporation leadership on product direction
  • Occasional one-on-one support to Mozilla's executive director
  • A substantive involvement in one or more Mozilla initiative
  • Board positions are unpaid, although travel expenses are covered