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Mozilla webmaker logo-icon.png MoFo 2014 Plans
Owner: Mozilla Foundation / Mark Surman Updated: 2014-05-26
Working plans for Mozilla Foundation programs including Webmaker
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The Mozilla Foundation team runs a number of major initiatives: Webmaker, Open Badges Open News, Mozilla Science Lab and Mozilla Open Policy Fellows. This wiki houses 2014+ goals, roadmaps and status updates for these initiatives. For an overview of overall Mozilla goals for 2014 see the main Mozilla 2014 Goals wiki page.

MoFo 2014 Goals

MoFo initiatives support Mozilla's broader mission of building a web where people know more, do more and do better. These initiatives share two goals for 2014+:

  • Goal #1: 10x the community actively contributing to our initiatives. With the ultimate goal of getting 1 million new Mozillians by 2023.
    • How?
      • a. put in place clear engagement ladders across all initiatives and
      • b. prioritize lead users 'lead users' who will help us build and teach.
    • Metric:
      • 10k active contributors for MoFo initiatives.
  • Goal #2: grow adoption of Webmaker, the ultimate goal of getting more people to embrace the open technology and culture of the web.
    • How?
      • a. make our tools easier to adopt, use and plug into and
      • b. prioritize lead users 'lead users'.
    • Metric:
      • The Webmaker community to include 10k active contributors teaching web literacy.

As suggested above, 2014 will include a major focus on lead users: people already excited about our work. Get them to help us build our products, content and community. And, of course, get them to bring their friends.

For more on the overall Mozilla mission that drives these goals, please the Mozilla Manifesto or watch Mitchell Baker's Nature of Mozilla video.

2014 Program Goals and Roadmaps

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The wiki pages listed below include detailed goals, roadmaps and status updates for all MoFo run projects. They also include stories that describe each program's vision.


  • Top 2014 priority: 10k teachers and mentors contributing to Webmaker
    • Webmaker story: what are we trying to build and for who?
  • Main Webmaker wiki
  • Appmaker wiki
    • Appmaker roadmap

Open Badges

New Communities

  • Top 2014 priority: replicate Open News model for science and internet policy

MoFo Support Programs

  • Engagement
  • Operations

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